Welcome to healthyi8!  Just a little about me....I am Teresa.  5 years ago I'd realized I'd completely lost myself in multiple ways. I'd gained over 200 pounds and I was bigger than I had ever been in my life. I mean, I literally looked in the mirror wondering who was looking back at me. My blood pressure skyrocketed and I was past stroke level.  The medicine that was given to me for my blood pressure made me feel sick and unlike my self and to be honest I was frustrated with it. I refused to continue to take them but I knew i had to do something. I started to look into ways of being healthier and to heal my myself without medicine.  I picked up a few more things from Dr. Sebi and started to eat alkaline and consuming sea moss daily. 

Sea moss has 92 of the 102 minerals needed for optimal health and wellness. There are a host of benefits to adding sea moss to your daily life from weight management, boosting your immune system, and optimizing your sexual performance. It is a great offense for your immune system and it reduces inflammation, is anti viral, anti-bacterial, and anti- fungal. You can use it on you face as a mask and in you hair for growth. The benefits are endless. You will notice the changes to your body with just one jar of this amazing product if used consistentlyWe offer sea moss in both popular flavors like Strawberry, Mango, Peach and original flavors from Strawberry, Mango, Drippin Dragon, Twisted Peach and many more to come.

My results were way more incredible than I could have ever expected. I was losing 7 to 10 pounds PER WEEK!!!! This is no joke. I also went back to the doctor to find that I no longer had high blood pressure!!! I was shocked and grateful.